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Я принц пакистанского Пенджаба Гуджарата, и у меня есть песочная машина, и я хочу знать, не могли бы вы уделить мне немного внимания обслуживанию песочных машин?

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"I am Ehsan Ullah Prince from Gujrat Punjab Pakistan, I have a sand Maker, I want to know if you can give me some notes for the Maintenance of sand Maker?"
— From Ehsan Ullah Prince

Answered by Mr.Hu, Henan Fote Heavy Machinery Engineering Manager:

Thank you for your question, I will share you my advice on the maintenance of sand maker below, The following cautions should be carefully observed during the maintenance work :

1 .Regularly shut the machine and open the observation door to check the abrasion condition in the crusher, as well as the abrasion conditions of the central feeding pipe, taper cap, and lower and upper channel liner of the impeller, circular fender and wearable block which shall be replaced or repaired in time after the abrasion. The wearable blocks shall be replaced at the same time and do guarantee that they have the same weight. It is not allowed to open the observation door to check working conditions when the crusher is working to avoid dangers. When the impeller abrasion is found, it is necessary to replace it or repair it by the manufacturer (for the concrete overhauling method, see overhaul chart).

2. The Mobil motor super lubricating grease is applied for the crusher, and infuse 50g lubricating grease every 8 working hours into the upper and lower bearings respectively, when exceeding 2000 working hours, open the principal axis and clean the bearing which shall be replaced after working for 7200 hours. The upper end of the principal axis assembly is the movable end and the lower part is the fixed end. Pull the belt pulley to check whether it moves flexibly after the installation.

3. The tension of the drive V adhesive tape shall be regulated properly to guarantee the even receipt of force. For the double motor drive, the V tape along both sides shall be grouped and selected to make the length of each group the same to the largest extent. The difference of the currents of both motors shall not exceed 15A.
4. Due to the high speed, great importance shall be attached to the safe production during the operation. The related persons shall be far from the equipment if the repair is necessary, the sand maker must be in off position.

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