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футеровка щековой дробилки FTM состоит из сплошной обшивки, пустотелых отверстий на обратной стороне, отверстий от рыхления, усиленных жилок, непроницаемых фиксаторов, подъемных отверстий и т.д.

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Jaw crusher liner is an important part in the process of the jaw crusher production, it has two main roles, one is to make the moving jaw do forward and backward swing, the other is to have the insurance effect. We can adjust the liner length to realize the changing of jaw crusher outlet size. Since jaw crusher liner is so powerful, then how does it play its great significance on the jaw crusher production for long-term? Next, I will take the jaw crusher produced by Fote Machinery for an example to help you know the outstanding advantages of jaw crusher liner.

FTM jaw crusher liner is composed of the liner body, the hollow lightening hole in backside, anti-loose fixture block hole, reinforcing rib, anti-loose fixed block, lifting hole, etc. Each parts strengths of FTM jaw crusher liner will be presented below.

1. The tooth peak and tooth valley of FTM jaw crusher liner are perfectly matched, which can play its extrusion and bending effect to crush materials.

2. FTM jaw crusher liner is designed to be the symmetrical shape in upside and downside, so that if the lower part wear is serious, it can be reversed end for end to use, then the service life of the jaw crusher liner is increased by 50% and the users' purchase and inventory cost decrease.

3.In the context of the strength and stiffness meeting the fixture block design and ore crushing requirements, FTM experts ingeniously design the hollow lightening hole in backside of the jaw crusher liner to realize the 80mm thickness increase both in moving jaw plate and fixed jaw plate, however, the jaw crusher liner weight basically remain unchanged. Through this design, it not only improves the service life of the jaw crusher liner, also won't increase users' production cost.

4.Two fixture block holes on the back of lining plate can prevent the loose of jaw crusher liner, the boundary dimension of the fixture block hole is: Length x width x thickness = (150 ~ 160)mm x (130 ~ 150) mm x 40mm, it is corresponding to the fixture block on the moving jaw of FTM jaw crusher.

5.The design of FTM jaw crusher liner has the lifting hole and automatic discharging device of hydraulic adjustment, which can reduce the manual labor intensity and realize the safer and more economically crushing operation.

6.FTM jaw crusher liner is made of the high manganese steel ZGMn18Cr2 material with high abrasion resistance and impact resistance, the hardness of this material is more than HRC40. In addition, during the jaw crusher liner casting, FTM technicians add the alloy component nickel on the basis of high manganese steel ZGMn18Cr2 material, which improves the hardenability and initial hardness of jaw crusher liner.

On the whole, FTM jaw crusher liner has the advantages of ingenious design, simple processing technology, good interchangeability and not easy to loosen. It won't appear a series of quality problems like other jaw crusher liner manufacturers such as the lining board loose, short service life, low crushing efficiency, coarse ore particle size, etc. If you are interested in FTM jaw crusher liner or jaw crusher equipment, please contact FTM customer service staff online for consultation.

Why choose us?

1. Fine discharge particle, better finished product particle, less powder, cheaper price.

2. Can reach better efficiency by crushing hardness material, especially for pebble.

3. Long lifespan of wearing parts.

4. Small footprint, easy operation, durable working hours, reliable performance, simple maintenance, simple structure.

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